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Hi everybody,

Having been elected by the DFCSS board of directors as the society's new fans rep to the board of Dundee Football Club on Tuesday 1st December 2015, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself to all those of a Dark Blue persuasion. One of the reasons I wanted to introduce myself immediately is because I realise there is much work to be done to begin re-engaging with the club. Right from the outset, I'll do my utmost to ensure the voices of the supporters of our proud club are heard as prominently as possible amongst the club’s leadership.

I have followed the Dee all my life, being a season ticket holder since about 1999. For much of my adult life before then I served with the Royal Air Force as an Aircraft Technician. I was stationed across Europe; which prevented me from attending as many matches as I would have liked during that time. Since leaving the RAF I’ve been locally based and I’m currently employed as a Quality Manager at a company in Aberdeen that produces rubber-moulding solutions, mainly to the oil industry.

The good news is that for the last fifteen years or so, I've been able to watch the Dark Blues week in, week out and experience the roller coaster ride of being a Dee during that period. During matches I currently sit in the Bobby Cox stand with my brother, my son, my two grandsons and one of the kids’ cousins.

I first became involved with DFCSS when it was clear to everyone that the fans ownership model was broken. When inward investment was offered by FPS and it became clear that the incumbents in the society were dead set against releasing the reins, I got involved with the society development committee that formed most of the society board after the vote to accept FPS’ investment. I was not elected to the society board at that time but was fully supportive of those who took their places on the board.

The society has struggled to find a focus for itself since then for a variety of reasons. Chief amongst these has been its lack of a clear strategy or purpose since the FPS investment was accepted. I have been heavily involved in discussions with other board members recently aimed at addressing that and other issues within the society. I certainly don’t believe that simply because the society no longer administers the club that it is irrelevant; there are many directions we could take and it’s vital that we get it right now in order to both support the club and to properly represent the fans going forward.

There are new members involved with the society at board level who, along with the rest of the board, are working extremely hard behind the scenes to get the building blocks back in place that will allow DFCSS to move forward with the club and its board of directors.

My vision for my tenure in the fans rep role is simple; I want to represent the fans at the club by ensuring the club’s leadership is aware of and take into consideration the thoughts, expectations and ambitions of the clubs life blood - its supporters.

That can only be done by speaking to fans, listening to fans and by asking the questions and putting the points raised by fans to the relevant people at the club.

I plan to do this in various ways (in person at games, meetings, events, via e-mail and online) and will make myself available to our supporters as the conduit to take your feedback into the club. If you would like to contact me, please e-mail me in the first instance at brian.lawrence@dee4life.com

I look forward to working with the club board, the society board and most importantly the Dundee FC fans in an effort to propel the club forward both on and off the park.

All the very best,

Brian Lawrence

DFCSS Fans Rep