DFCSS Statement - 18/11/2015

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The Dundee Football Club Supporters Society board is acutely aware that the recent period of instability and upheaval within DFCSS has led to a decreasing and infrequent level of communication emanating from the society to it’s members, the wider Dundee FC supporter base and the local community.

We are equally conscious that the recent demise of the society operated DFCTV, resignations of long standing directors and apparent lack of action from the society has raised more questions and concerns over the future and objectives of DFCSS.

In recent weeks and indeed months, the DFCSS board members who remain in post have been entirely focused on attempting to stabilise the situation whilst actively looking to our membership for volunteers with new ideas, a new sense of direction and a willingness to assist in the re-defining and re-shaping of the society.

We are entirely committed to transforming DFCSS into a simplified body of Dundee supporters that is dedicated to supporting the club, developing new and positive relationships with Dundee FC’s current board of directors and most importantly, ensuring that Dundee FC supporters voices’ are heard regularly and clearly by the football clubs leadership.

DFCSS also understands the importance of strengthening links and working closely alongside other organisations that hold the future prosperity and success of Dundee Football Club as a core value.

We believe that re-establishing relationships, developing ideas and committing society resources to the clubs community engagement work is of paramount importance to the future well being of both the club and it’s supporters.

Simply put, we want to return the society to the community with a new, simplified and forward thinking sense of purpose.

We have already begun the job of re-shaping the society. A long and varied list of technical issues and communication difficulties that have been hampering progress of late are now resolved.

Although we still do need more volunteers from within our membership to take up board positions within the society, we are beginning to move forward again.

A new society chairman and Fans Rep to the board of Dundee Football Club will be voted on in the coming weeks and we are looking ahead with a renewed sense of optimism and a sincere desire to work with and not against the football clubs board of directors.

DFCSS will soon be back engaging with it’s members, consulting with the football club and providing support wherever it possibly can to ensure Dundee FC’s recent re-building on the park and in the boardroom is mirrored within it’s largest supporters alliance.

In times gone by, this type of statement from the society has been released against a backdrop of upheaval and uncertainty on and off the park. It’s important to acknowledge that we are now, happily, not faced with those issues.

In recent years the hard work, determination, generosity, courage and skill of countless Dundee FC supporters both within and out with this society has saved our great club from the brink of extinction.

Thankfully, we find ourselves in a much improved and healthier position now and we are determined to give the supporters a voice and a society that they can be proud of once more.

Further announcements and member communications will follow much more regularly on a variety of topics including membership queries, DFCTV membership refunds, community sponsorship initiatives, society board updates and the future direction of the society.

Once again, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of our members for their patience and understanding during recent weeks. We understand there is a pressing need for the society to evolve and we will be doing our utmost to ensure positive change is delivered.