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Dear Member,

Once again the society board has been subjected to significant change over the last year or so. Not only have two of the board’s most senior, and most prominent, members resigned from their positions but the removal by the club of DFCTV rights has seen some of the society’s major income streams unexpectedly curtailed.

On and off the field the club seems to be progressing steadily under the stewardship of FPS and I’m sure we’d all agree that, given the turmoil of recent years, this is a most welcome situation for all of us that have Dundee FC at heart.

As most of you will know the DFCSS is now entitled to two representatives on the club board of directors, these two representatives carry out entirely different roles and are selected through differing channels. The resignation of the outgoing fan’s representative has left a void that needs to be filled if the society is to continue in its efforts to work with and assist the club board on the road to success. The second representative remains in place and is continuing to provide his support to the club board.

The continued support, financial and otherwise, of the DFCSS membership is essential as we aim to continue to work for stability with the club board.

The role of the society and how it interacts with and assists the club board is in need of review and to this end additional board members are being sought from within the society membership. Individuals are being sought that feel they are able to contribute to the re-definition and direction of the society.

With the above in mind nominations to the society are invited from current members.

At this time there are three elected members remaining on the board along with three co-opted members. One of the elected members is to resign imminently leaving only two going forward. The society’s constitution is extremely complex and requires that certain numbers of elected and co-opted members are present to constitute a valid quorum at which decisions can be made. It is therefore felt by the current board that four more elected members are needed to operate a functional board.

To this end a SGM is being called for 18th November 2015 specifically for the election of new board members.

The start of the process for the SGM is to seek nominations to the Society board. If you would like to be nominated as a candidate, you should complete the nomination form and get it signed by at least three other members as proposers. Please note that you cannot propose yourself, and no single member can propose more than one candidate. The nomination form can be downloaded at, by writing to Election Management Group c/o Dundee Football Club Ltd., Dens Park Stadium, Sandeman Street, Dundee DD3 7JY or by email request to The Election Management Group can also provide any further guidance you may require, including the rules of the election which can also be provided from the above sources.

Timeline is as follows

20th October nominations will open – nomination forms will be available from this date

3rd November Nominations will close – no nomination forms will be distributed after this date

6th November voting will open – details of how to vote will be available at that time

15th November voting will close – no votes will be accepted by the Election Management Group after 5pm on this date

18th November – SGM will be held, details of venue TBA.

An election will be held at the AGM unless there are as many or fewer candidates than eligible positions.

Thanks for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you at the SGM.

Yours faithfully,

On behalf of the Dundee FC Supporters’ Society Ltd.

Brian Lawrence

Note – emails to will be forwarded to The Election Management Group; no responses to any email will be made from that account.