Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO)

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I have been asked to give some information on the clubs Supporter Liaison Officer.

Below is two websites to give you brief information on what and why we have SLO's.


Dundee Football Club has established the position of Supporters Liaison Officer in line with its commitments to consultation and better understanding of supporters’ views.

Key Objectives:

The aim of the Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) is to build and maintain dialogue between fans of Dundee FC and the Club itself. This should lead to a better understanding of supporters’ views and needs which can be reflected in policies and practices at all levels within the Club.

The SLO will also be encouraged to seek out best practice at other Clubs, promote dialogue and therefore improve supporter understanding and sentiment.

Attend relevant management and operational meetings, including those specifically related to the planning of fixtures at Dens Park.

Maintain an open dialogue with supporters through their organised groups and being accessible to individual enquiries also.

Manage data (including personal details) collected in the role of SLO and ensure it is kept securely and in accordance with Data Protection legislation.

Develop relationships with key personnel within the Club and Supporter organisations ensuring general awareness of the SLO role and encouraging an open dialogue on the many aspects of Club business relevant to the role.

Personal Skills: (the post holder needs to be)

Friendly and polite, A good listener, Reliable and flexible, Proactive, Willing to learn, Self-motivated and Assertive.

I am the clubs SLO for this season but we will be looking for a new SLO for next season. If you are interested or would like more information please email me on