Fans' Rep Report

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The Society has launched new membership packages in the last few weeks, namely Gold+, Exile and Diamond. The introduction of these packages gives better options to suit all price ranges.

All details of these are available at and will feature on the new Society site once launched. Please feel free to email the Society if you require more information.

Penman Lounge

I have agreed with George and Ann Harris, the Penman Lounge Hosts, that any person with a birthday or special occasion in the Penman around 1/1.30pm can be taken along to the boardroom for some pictures. In the last few weeks I have had fans ranging from as young as 5 to those much much older! So please ask or drop me an email the week before if you have a special occasion coming up.

New Club website

I had a few complaints about the lack of fans forum on the new DFC website.

The main reason for removal was the forum only had around twenty regular users and all comments needed looked at by an administrator before being allowed on the forum. As it was an official forum all comments had to be policed far more than the unofficial forums that we all use!

Our new website is designed around Social Media integration as the club is moving with the times and I would urge all fans to engage with the club through these mediums.

Live Streaming

The new live screening of our games to overseas fans is proving very popular with our Exiled fans, with around 50 people watching the last two home games online. A huge well done from all involved in getting this service set up and I am sure it will continue to evolve and improve over the coming months!

Now we are entering the business end of the season, the club need everyone to get behind Paul and the team to help spur us over the finishing line as Champions! As I for one, do not want to be involved in any play-off!