Society Membership Update

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The Society introduced its first ever annual membership on the 1st of June 2014 after the members voted for its introduction at our SGM in August. In less than two weeks since its introduction the Society has well over 650 fully paid up adult members! This represents a fantastic response from our membership to what has been the biggest change to our Society since inception.

Communication Director Ross Day said 'Our previous membership total was around the 5k mark, many of these people joined up during Admin 1 when the Dee4life trust launched, over the years the members database has been difficult to maintain and the cost of bulk mail shots has been excessive. The introduction of the annual membership has been driven by our members and it will allow us to communicate more effectively in the future and ensure of database of members is kept up to date'

However those members who do not renew will not lose their Society membership, a new 'Historic' membership has been given to those who have not renewed as the Society felt it was important to recognise that all members actively saved the club during our periods of administration. Historic members will however lose their allocated share in the Society

The Society and the Club are actively working together with a focus on improving the fans experience within Dens, with many improvements taken place over the summer, some of which you can read about here

A stronger Society means we can provide more help and assistance to the club, combined with ongoing discussions surrounding stadium buy back and an improving Social Calendar, it really is an exciting time for the Society and the Dundee support as a whole.

You can renew your Society membership at any point, sign up can be completed at or by clicking membership on the left hand side of this page and following the steps from here. If you require any help, please email