DFCSS Statement

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The Board of DFCSS have been aware for some time of the mounting concerns of our members regarding the recent stop/start nature of our team’s promotion bid, with the main body of opinion attributing this largely to inconsistencies in the decision making of John Brown during his tenure as manager of the team.

Through our representatives on the DFC Board, Colin Reid and Bob Hynd, we put our concerns to the club Directors who to their credit took them on board, discussed them with John himself and concluded that the course of action most likely to stabilise our team’s performances and give us the best possible opportunity of achieving the success we all long for is for a new man to take control of the team and spearhead our return to the SPL.

You, the fans, have spoken and been heard! We now call on each and every one of you to put any disharmony behind you and rally round our new manager as he gets our team pulling together and fully focused on the task ahead. Let's turn out in numbers to cheer the Dark Blues on, not just against the Accies this coming Saturday but every inch of the way from now to the winning line in May. Between us, if we stick together we can do this!