Chair’s Update, July 2022

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Just to give you a further update on progress with the new integrated board over the past month or so.

Last Wednesday, Gary Cocker and I met John Nelms and Greg Fenton at Dundee’s new Gardyne HQ. Talks lasted two hours and covered a wide range of topics, including changes taking place at the club and within the Trust itself. That was a milestone and one we hope marks the start of a more positive relationship between the two organisations.
Over the past few weeks our members contacted us to raise concerns about ticketing, disabled access, and other subjects. Both prior to and during the meeting, Greg answered these promptly and helpfully and we are happy to raise any other issues that you may have with the club.

Behind the scenes, our various working groups have been hard at work modernising the way Dee4Life operates. Streamlining banking, developing comms plans, adopting a social media policy and overhauling administrative processes are not perhaps of particular interest to most supporters but are essential to improve the efficiency of Dee4Life as a representative body for Dundee fans.

The recent introduction of five new directors has enabled us to address issues that we didn’t have the capacity to tackle before. Added to the solidity provided by the existing board members, this injection of energy and fresh ideas will let us pursue new projects that will bear fruit over the next few months.

Our website is in the process of being revamped as part of a new membership drive that we will launch soon. We have arrested a long-term decline in membership numbers and have ambitious plans for growth. As part of this, we will be conducting a survey and holding an open meeting to enable all those of a Dark Blue persuasion to shape the type of Supporters’ Trust they want. Much of this work is being led by Ryan Norrie and Ross Day, while our Liaison Officer George McIrvine has been reaching out to other groups to build links throughout the Dundee fanbase.

We are also continuing to provide backing for the club in the form of sponsorship, and more details of our 2022/23 plans will be announced soon.

The key to making Dee4Life the organisation we want it to be – ensuring the views of supporters are represented, growing the club’s fanbase and helping the club to succeed – is you. The more members we have, the better placed we are to represent them. If you are not already a member, please consider joining today at

Best Regards