Board Update, June 2022

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For long enough we have wanted to bring in new blood and with it the energy and fresh thinking to ensure we continue to provide a strong voice for Dundee fans while continuing to be supportive of the club.

Since the dark days of administration, Dee4Life has perhaps receded from the minds of many and membership numbers dwindled. To maximise our influence as we continue to ask the hard questions we intend reshaping Dee4Life into a more agile, innovative organisation while looking to bring on board as many fans as possible.

Over the last few months, many will have seen the open letter sent to Tim Keyes and John Nelms looking for change. Despite the muted response, we were impressed by the Open Letter Group (OLG) approach, the content of their letter, its press coverage and the number of signatures attracted. This squared with our own publicised concerns directed to the club and representatives of your board recently met with those of the OLG to discuss matters. Amongst them, it should be noted, there are long-standing members of Dee4Life and others from member clubs of the DSA.

It was clear to representatives of both groups that it would be beneficial to combine our experience and skills and having accepted the concept, the practicality of integration was discussed. One option was to make appointments via a Special General Meeting. That, though, would take some weeks and involve much administration and it was agreed that the best approach was to supplement the existing six external Directors per Rule 64 of our 2016 Model Rules and as set out under 4.1 of our Board Membership and Conduct Policy.

That proposal was made at a Board meeting last night with the directors voting unanimously (with another by proxy) to co-opt four members of the OLG – Ross Day, Grant Hill, George McIrvine and Ryan Norrie – as external directors. Under the same Rules, the board also agreed to appoint Grant McGregor as a fifth external director to assume the vacant role of Treasurer. Should any of those external directors wish to be elected at our next AGM in early 2023 for a three-year period, they would, like any other member of Dee4Life, be able to do so.

Bios of those five directors, including the skills and experience they will bring to Dee4Life’s Board, can be found below.

The OLG has written to its signatories setting out the following aims for its external

  • Rebuild the relationship between the club and Dee4Life
  • Work with other groups to develop a system of representation that ensures the views of fans are heard at board level
  • Support the club by providing financial assistance where possible and appropriate
  • Assist the club’s efforts to engage with fans and the wider community in order to grow its support base
  • Ensure accountability of the club’s functions and performance
  • Generate new ideas that will aid the club’s efforts in all areas it currently works and new ones
  • Act as a bridge to the expertise of the fanbase
  • Reform Dee4Life to create a more active organisation capable of dealing with contemporary challenges
  • Attract new members to Dee4Life
  • Increase the number of active members willing to lend their skillsets to the club and Trust
  • Work has already begun, with the formation of working groups looking to review every aspect of Dee4Life operations, develop proposals for an improved structure of fan representation, and explore new fundraising opportunities.

These are, I’m sure you will agree, all laudable aims, which we will vigorously promote with our new expanded board. Essentially, we are focussing on positivity which we hope will engage and lift the support and be reflected by the football club, on and off the pitch.
As ever, should you have any queries or comments, please contact us. We will be in touch with members following our next board meeting of all eleven directors with any more updates.

Best wishes,

The Dee4Life Board

External Director bios

Ross Day holds a global operational role in the oil and gas sector. In a previous stint on the Dee4Life board, he took Deetv live streaming from feasibility study through execution and delivery providing exiled fans with a platform to watch their team. Ross brings strong governance and operational management, as well as a proven track record of fundraising having launched the 1893 Foundation that has generated hundreds of thousands of pounds for the club.
Grant Hill has more than 20 years’ experience of journalism, marketing, publishing, and public relations. In his most recent role, he has been involved in the design and execution of operational change and would bring experience of both this and communications to the Dee4Life board.
Grant McGregor is a qualified accountant with further qualifications in Business Administration and Management. He has performed a number of across the private and public sectors and currently works in pensions administration. His qualifications and experience of finance-related roles makes his ideal for the position of Dee4Life Treasurer/Finance Director.
George McIrvine has more than 33 years’ experience in Policing, 20 years as a Trade Union official and six years as a local Councillor for the Coldside ward. He is currently working with a local mental health charity in finance, group work and public engagement. In previous roles, George has been involved in shaping Scottish Police Reform programme and has coordinated many campaigns for both the Trade Union and Labour movement, attributes he would bring to the Dee4Life board.
Ryan Norrie has extensive experience in media production and digital learning. He has worked with the SPFL, QTV and, in his most recent role, has been developing online learning facilities and directing hybrid events. His knowledge of broadcast media and digital technology would be an asset to the Dee4Life board.