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Dee4Life (DFCSS) have been collaborating with Dundee FC in the Community Trust in recent months and as a result Dee4Life is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the 'Cammy Kerr Soccer Schools to the sum of £888.00 which means 120 children can continue to enjoy 'free' after school football classes until the end of the current academic year, subject to any changes due to the coronavirus situation.

By way of background, from April 2020 onwards Dundee City Council have introduced a policy at schools across the city aimed at ensuring every pupil can access after-school activities for free and as a consequence the Community Trust will have to stop charging £2 to £3 per pupil per session. Therefore to guarantee continuity for the Soccer Schools and continuing high standards of coaching additional funding is required. Children across the city greatly enjoy and benefit from the fun football sessions and Dee4Life is delighted that they can continue through this sponsorship.

Dee4Life and the Community Trust are also planning a joint fundraising event for later in the year to support the 2020/21 Soccer Schools programme and both organisations look forward to working together in the months and years to come.