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The Society's AGM on Saturday the 12th January was very well attended and all the Board Reports were unanimously adopted. The appointment of Norrie Price (picture) as a 'new' Director was confirmed and greatly welcomed by all along with the re-appointments of Carol Findlay, Calum Findlay and Dave Forbes as Directors. Including Bob Hynd and Ian Baird the Society's Board now comprises 6 elected Directors and (at the moment) no co-opted Directors.

Understandably the current shares situation was discussed at great length during the post meeting Q&A. Many fundamental points were debated in detail and the members freely expressed wide ranging views on the situation. The ongoing Membership Consultation concludes at mid-day on Monday 21st January and the Board will meat shortly thereafter to consider all the consultation responses along with other important factors such as the legal situation and the 'Objects' and 'Powers' of the Society. Members will be advised on the outcome as soon as possible.