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The Society AGM takes place on Saturday the 10th March in the Dundee Social Club and the Board asks that members planning to attend try to arrive between 10.30am and 10.45am for registration and refreshments ahead of the planned start time of 11.00am.

Details of the AGM were emailed to all the Society members on Friday the 9 February and if for any reason a member didn’t receive the information or has a question about membership please email: contact@dee4life.com as soon as possible.

NB: The AGM documents are available in the DOWNLOADS AND MINUTES section of this website.

Finally, the Board is hoping for a good turnout at the AGM and very much looks forward to
welcoming the members who attend. Members should also note that the Board aims to encourage a
wide ranging discussion following the AGM focused on the future activities, fundraising aims and
general priorities for the Society.