DFCSS Board Number Shortages

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Hi all

Over the past few years it has become very apparent that the society board does not have enough members in order to function as effectively as it might. This was borne in January when a meeting was called that I could not make and I couldn't get in touch with my fellow board members in time to postpone. The meeting went ahead but it did mean that those present did not form a quorum therefore no decisions could be made.

We discussed this at a full meeting last night 22/02/2017 and have realised that we need new co-opted board members urgently. A co-opted member of the board is no different to an elected member. Once formally co-opted a co-optee can stand for any of the board offices and has full entitlement to propose motions, speak and vote on any matter relevant to the society.

At the moment we are planning an AGM and it is at the AGM that individuals can stand for election to to the board. Coming on board as a co-optee is a good way to get a feel for the society board, what it does and what it has plans for in the future.

No formal qualifications are required to become a co-opted member of the board, although we will insist that you are a Dundee FC supporter. To stand for election to the board you must be a member of the DFCSS i.e. you will have been a package member or will have paid a £5 annual membership fee when membership was suspended.

If you feel this is something that might interest you please get in touch with me by email




I hope as many people as possible will consider this; I can't offer any reward unfortunately other than the knowledge that you'll be helping both the society and the club.