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Please see below email received from the charity Nil By Mouth and a link to a survey that they are undertaking.

This is something I'm sure we all feel strongly about so if you are so inclined please take the survey - takes about five minutes.


Good evening,

I am contacting you on behalf of the charity Nil by Mouth in respect of a
survey we are running of Scottish football fans regarding the possible
introduction of Strict Liability into the game. Strict Liability is UEFA's
model for dealing with crowd misbehaviour and repeated offences at games and
later this year the Scottish Parliament will debate introducing it into the

To better inform this debate, and to allow us to take the temperature of
fans across the country, we have produced a short survey which will be
analysed by an independent polling company. This survey runs across a
fourteen day period and closes midnight Friday 24th Feb. Nil by Mouth has
always been a backer of the Supporters Trust movement and are keen to engage
with your membership on this issue. As such we would greatly appreciate if
you could consider highlighting this survey to your members over the next
five days through your various social media feeds/communication channels. It
only takes a few moments to compete and no personal details are asked for
other than the team the participant supports (this simply helps us gauge
opinions within different fanbases.) We will post the findings on our
website later in year.

The survey, and further information, can be found on the link below: