Calling all Dundee FC fans

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After the club’s announcement earlier this week that just over 3,000 season tickets have been sold for the forthcoming season, I’d just like to take the opportunity to back the rallying call that’s been issued. All season ticket purchases so far are of course greatly appreciated but there must be hundreds of people out there pondering whether or not this season is the season that they should take the plunge and get a season ticket.

With so many ‘big’ clubs due to visit Dens, over 30% of scheduled home games are against Aberdeen, Celtic and Rangers, along with the fact that prices were frozen on last year. the season ticket surely represents the best value it has in years.

So come on, if your swithering, pondering, wondering or in any way undecided just look at the value, look at the squad, look at the manager, look at the improvement on and off the field. Season tickets are the best way for the best and most loyal fans in Scotland to support the most forward thinking board and best squad we’ve seen at Dens for decades.

I remember, and this wasn’t so long ago, the club was described as ‘The once great Dundee FC’. This club can be great again with the backing of us fans. I urge anyone that can possibly do so to get down to, or get in touch with, the ticket office and secure their season ticket.

The club has set a target of 4,500 season ticket sales. Will we make that figure? Why not? Only the fans can make that happen though by doing their bit for the club. Maybe that’s just a case of getting one of your mates on board if you can do that you’ve made a massive contribution. It’s our tradition, it’s in the blood.

We’re back where we belong as number 1 in the city – lets drive that superiority home and get right behind Dundee FC. The sleeping giant has stirred from its slumber and blown away its nearest and most bitter rival – now for the rest.