Fans Rep - Have you got your season ticket yet?

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I’m sure all Dundee fans are as delighted as I am with the recent announcement that Craig Wighton has extended his contract until the end of 2019. Add that to Cammy Kerr’s extension to 2018 at the back end of last season and it demonstrates that the current board of directors is very much focused on the future of the club.

For Dundee FC to now have two of the most exciting prospects in Scottish football tied down on longer term contracts is an excellent example of the shift in footballing powers that has affected our club so positively over the last three seasons.

The manager has moved prudently in the transfer market and once again the club has done its business very early and very well. The additions of James Vincent, Danny Williams, Mark O’Hara and Yordi Teijsse before some clubs had even made one signing for the coming season has strengthened an already good squad.

There is no reason to think the progress of the club is likely to stop, or even slow, any time soon. With this in mind, I feel it is hugely important for all Dundee FC fans to do whatever they can to support the board in their efforts to place our club back at the top of the sport where we all believe it belongs.

As Dundee supporters, getting behind the team and driving the players on to perform at the top of their games is our domain and is where our focus should lie at this time. Now is the time for us to step up, show our support for the club and get down to the ticket office to buy a season ticket for the forthcoming season.

Prices have been frozen for season tickets this season - a great gesture from the board. The price freeze already represented excellent value for money before the fixtures were released and now that up to six home games against the three sides which are arguably the most likely to be challenging at the top of the division have been confirmed, there is all the more reason for us to be doing everything possible to ensure a sizeable, strong and vocal support at our home matches.

So come on fellow Dees; get down to the ticket office, get your season ticket and let’s all look forward to the coming season with serious positivity, trust in the team, trust in the manager and trust in the board. Let’s make Dens a place that other clubs hate to visit but that we love going to. Let’s roar on the best squad we’ve seen at Dens for many, many years and help them strive toward the success they want to deliver for us.