Fans Rep

Oor Bobby

As most of you will know the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail, in place over the school holidays in Dundee, features an Oor Wullie sculpture decorated in a classic 1962 Dundee kit. To make it an even bigger stand out it has the number 3 and the name COX on its back.

The sculptures, all 70 of them, will be ...

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Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO)


I have been asked to give some information on the clubs Supporter Liaison Officer.

Below is two websites to give you brief information on what and why we have SLO's.

......... ...

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Fans Representative Q and A

Over the past 2 weeks, Fans Representative to the Club board Colin Reid has been taking all questions regarding the clubs current situation. Today he posted the official Club replies to fans questions, here they are in full;

First Team

It is the considered opinion of the Board that the Club is ...

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Fans' Rep Report

The Society has launched new membership packages in the last few weeks, namely Gold+, Exile and Diamond. The introduction of these packages gives better options to suit all price ranges.

All details of these are available at and will feature on the new Society site once launched. ...

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