Dundee FC Supporters Clubs Association (DFCSCA)


Sub-committee members:

George Harris (Chairman) - georgeharris18@hotmail.co.uk

Vacant (Interim Secretary) - 

Vacant - (Interim Treasurer) - 

Davie Craig (General Committee) - daviecraig@ymail.com


As determined at the Society Board Meeting on 21st August 2010, and revised at a meeting held on 24th September 2011, the Dundee FC Supporters Clubs Association is a sub-committee of the Dundee FC Supporters' Society and the Club members of the Society. Its remit is:

  • to promote the support of Dundee Football Club amongst the member clubs and beyond;
  • to provide a forum for the member clubs to raise and discuss issues concerning Dundee  Football Club;
  • to provide a link between the member clubs and Dundee Football Club and to allow the individual member clubs to have a common voice in discussions with Dundee Football Club;
  • to provide a social environment for the individual member supporters clubs to meet, socialise and discuss a common interest, including formal meetings of Club Members at least every two months (where voting is by simple majority, one vote per Club Member not per individual, with a casting vote if required by the Chair);
  • to provide backing and support to Dundee Football Club through attendance at matches, sponsorship and other ancillary activities;
  • to approve Club Membership applications, which shall be open to all genuine Dundee Football Club supporters clubs upon approval and payment of the appropriate membership fee;
  • to abide by the Rules of the Society and any formal procedures put in place by the Board;
  • to meet as often as is necessary to fulfil its remit, but at least every two months, where a quorum shall consist of at least four sub-committee members, and minutes shall be kept and made available immediately to the Secretary and the Society Board;
  • to manage the finances and nominal account provided by the Society Board and to report on such at each Society Board Meeting, and to ensure that its operations result in no deficit in the nominal account at the end of each financial year, with any surplus as agreed being transferred to the main society account; and
  • to hold an annual meeting to report on the business of the sub-committee and to determine the proposed membership of the sub-committee and the club membership fee (where voting is by simple majority, one vote per Club Member not per individual, with a casting vote if required by the Chair).