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November 2003 - Dundee saveable, says Burton

THE MAN sent in to wield the axe and hack huge slices of savings from Dundee FC’s bloated £20 million debt yesterday pronounced the patient critical but saveable. Click here to read full Courier article.

December 2003 - Bid to save DFC: Fans go into action

Dee4Life t-shirts will go on saleat Dens Park for Wednesday night's league cup tie with Hearts, in a bid to raise funds to help the debt-ridden Dark Blues.... click here to read full article.

December 2003 - Supporters turn out and dig deep for Dundee

THOUSANDS OF Dundee fans poured into Dens Park last night—and poured money into the club’s precarious coffers. Click here to read the full Courier article.

December 2003 - Soccer am (The Courier)d4l.jpg

Dundee will get support on Sky Sports TV this morning, with Soccer AM presenter Helen Chamberlain promising to wear a Dee4Life T-shirt on the popular show.

December 2003 - Transfer fee gives Dark Blues a Rae of hope

In addition to the transfer fee and an upcoming six-figure payday from the CIS Cup semi-final with Livingston, a sum of £250,000-£300,000 is still needed to finance getting to the summer, but the fund-raising efforts of the Dee4Life campaign and other initiatives planned are thought likely to prove sufficient. Click here to read the full Courier article.

December 2003 - Supporters turn out and dig deep for Dundee

THOUSANDS OF Dundee fans poured into Dens Park last night—and poured money into the club’s precarious coffers.

Chairman George Knight added - “We’ve been counting the cash in the buckets and got to £12,000 before we stopped,” he said. “All of the 500 T-shirts we printed were sold and we got a great return even from the Hearts fans who dug deep for us.” George added that the DSA had been overwhelmed with donations, from the pocket money of young fans to one anonymous elderly supporter who handed over £500.

Inside the ground, every Dundee player wore a Dee 4 Life T-shirt during the warm-up. Click here to read the full Courier article.

February 2004 - £25,000 boost for Dee campaigners

The busiest few days in the Dee4Life campaign so far have seen a £25,000 boost for the battle to save Dundee FC, who are presently in administration. Click here to read the full Courier article.

February 2004 - Bangers and cash on Dee4Life menusausages.jpg

Dundee Supporters Association chairman George Knight once more heaped praise on the fans who turned out in their droves to support the campaign. “It is fantastic to see the number of people who attended these events and the money which has been raised,” he said. Click here to read Evening Telegraph article

February 2004 - Players can give fans perfect thank you

DUNDEE CAPTAIN Barry Smith (pictured) believes victory over Livingston in tonight’s CIS Cup semi-final will be the perfect way to pay tribute to the club’s supporters. The Dee4Life campaign run by ordinary fans has been a tremendous success and— added to the numerous other ventures and donations—has provided a much-needed boost during the dark days of administration. Click here to read the full Courier article.

March 2004 - Dee4Life campaigners to launch Supporters Trust

A DUNDEE FC supporters’ trust will be launched on Saturday following the success of the Dee4Life campaign in raising £150,000 since the club was placed in administration. Click here to read the full Courier article.

March 2004 - Difficult days ahead to see Dees survive

After the meeting, administrator Tom Burton said, “There is no doubt that we are moving towards a situation that will see the survival of Dundee FC—however, the scale of the task ahead must not be underestimated.”

Money held by Dee4Life could form an important part. The group has already put £30,000 into the club and is apparently holding a further £130,000 in funds. Click here to read the full Courier article.

March 2004 - Tannadice proposal submitted to SPL

Dundee and Dundee United have formally notified the Scottish Premier League of having reached agreement on possible ground-sharing at Tannadice. Click here to read the full Courier article.

“The funds coming from Dee4Life are very important—they are part of the means through which the club continues to survive. We appreciate the sensitivities of renting another stadium and are both fully aware, and respectful, of the supporters’ views" - Administrator Graeme Jack

March 2004 - Ground share a step closerdens.jpg

THE PROSPECT of Dundee Football Club playing its games at Tannadice next season moved a step closer to becoming reality last night. Click here to read the full Courier article.

Chairman George Knight is proposing the £150,000 raised by his organisation should now be used to form a new team instead of going to a Tannadice-bound club. So far Dee4Life have handed over £30,000 to Dundee but a vote may be taken at this morning’s launch of the supporters’ trust to withhold further donations.

“I understand Tom Burton’s point of view and he is trying to save a business,” said Knight. “What he has to understand, though, is that as fans we are trying to save an institution, one that plays its football at Dens Park. “At some point down the line if there was going to be ground-sharing at a new stadium that is something we might consider acceptable. “But what definitely is not is us moving to Tannadice as tenants. If that happens no one is going to buy season tickets, no one is going to go and that will mean the end.

March 2004 - Fresh talks over new stadium in Dundee

THE PROSPECT of a new purpose-built stadium to house Dundee’s two football clubs was back on the agenda last night after a dramatic intervention by city property developer Bruce Linton.

George Knight - "fans would not tolerate Dundee switching to Tannadice, and a new stadium on a neutral site could, therefore, be the way forward......It is positive news but until we know much more about the proposal I would be guarded about saying too much.” Click here to read full Courier article.water.bmp

March 2004 - Dee4Life water can keep club afloat

Dee4Life hope to take their fund-raising campaign through the £250,000 barrier after launching their own spring water. Click here to read the full Courier article.

April 2004 - Thompson calls for derby calm

Dundee United chairman Eddie Thompson yesterday hit out at “unidentified parties” trying to cause friction between rival fans ahead of this weekend’s city derby. Click here to read the full online Courier article.

April 2004 - Boycott costs club £50,000

A BOYCOTT by around 3000 Dundee fans of yesterday’s thrilling 2-2 draw with city rivals Dundee United at Tannadice cost United an estimated £50,000, Tangerines chairman Eddie Thompson said last night. Click here to read the full Courier article.

George Knight, chairman of Dee4Life, was asked last night if he had been at Tannadice. He challenged the relevance of the question and eventually said, “No comment.”

Mr Knight went on to say that Dundee supporters had been irritated by comments made by Mr Thompson and some prominent Dundee United supporters in the ground-sharing debate. He explained, “They said that we lacked class and were not true supporters. “There were probably numerous factors that contributed to so many people not going, but a lot of people did go.”

April 2004 - Dundee secure Dens Park for next season

Burton then spoke to staff at Dens before meeting fans group Dee4Life.... Click here to read the full Courier article.

April 2004 - Power to the people at Dens Park (Daily Record)

DUNDEE supporters group Dee4Life are set to land a seat on the board of the cash-strapped club. Representatives of the trust yesterday met with owners Peter and Jimmy Marr and administrator Tom Burton.

Dee4Life are gunning for a say in the running of the club and decision- making powers on how best to spend the cash, totalling overpounds 150,000,raised by the fans.

April 2004 - Supporters Group step in to fund Dundee salvation (Daily Telegraph)

Dundee look certain to stay at Dens Park with the news that the supporters' group Dee4Life will provide the £150,000 needed to install undersoil heating.

However, the money will only be released if the trust are given a say in the running of the club, and an undertaking that the team will not be running out on Dundee United's Tannadice for next season's home matches. Dee4Life will meet administrator Tom Burton this week to agree the transfer of funds in return for representation on the Dens Park board, and receipt of shares.

Click here to read full article.

May 2004 - Plan to move DFC out of administration approved

DUNDEE FOOTBALL Club has begun the process of shaking off the reins of administration after creditors approved proposals which will see the club avoid the penalty of a 10-point league deduction next season but deny trade creditors most of the money owed to them. Click here to read the full Courier article.

May 2004 - Fans will be asked to help finance pitch protection

DUNDEE ARE set to ask fans to help fund the installation of a pitch protection system at Dens Park. Click here to read the full Courier article.

April 2004 - Boycott for derby?

Dundee fans’ group Dee4Life are to issue a statement on Monday regarding a possible organised no-show in protest at Dens administrator Tom Burton’s move to seek permission to rent Tannadice from United next season. Click here to read the full Courier article.

April 2004 - Dee4Life rule out derby game boycott

DUNDEE FC supporters’ organisation Dee4Life said yesterday there will be no organised fans’ boycott of Sunday’s derby match with Dundee United at Tannadice. Click here to read the full Courier article.

April 2004 - Big war of wards erupts over Dens

DUNDEE FC chief executive Peter Marr has rejected claims that Dens Park had been repossessed or there was a long-term plan for the city’s two stadiums to be turned into flats. Click here to read the full Courier article.

August 2004 - Dundee uncertainty at an end

PAPERS WILL be lodged with the Court of Session and Companies House in Edinburgh today to formally end nearly eight months in administration for Dundee Football Club. Click here to read full online article.

August 2004 - Chairman expresses relief rather than jubilation

"The people we are most pleased for are the supporters. They have had to endure a great deal since November. Their response to our plight in the form of Dee 4 Life will always be part of Dundee’s folklore and a change proposed at board level will give them an even stronger voice in the way the club runs it affairs" Click here to read full article

September 2004 - Giant flag unfurledGiant%20flag.%20Mike%20Jeffries%20D4L.jpg

A MASSIVE flag carrying the names of hundreds of Dundee FC supporters has been unveiled for the first time. Click here to read the full Courier article.

December 2004 - Friary event - Fans have chance to quiz board

Chairman Bob Brannan and fellow directors George Knight—of supporters group Dee4life—local businessmen Frank Esposito and William Barnett, Peter Marr, Jimmy Marr, chartered accountant Ross Dow and Duffy will be present to answer supporters’ questions and outline the board’s vision for Dundee’s short and long-term future. Click here to read the full Courier article.

January 2005 - Dee4Life seeks continued support

DUNDEE FC Supporters’ trust Dee4 Life has appealed for fans to continue to support fund-raising initiatives on behalf of the cash-strapped club. Click here to read full Courier article.

January 2005 - Trust to obtain 5% stake (The Courier)

DUNDEE fans’ group Dee4Life is to obtain a 5% stake—approximately three million shares—in the club in return for their financial backing of the Dark Blues. The move, which was agreed last summer but only announced yesterday, will be formally ratified at the club’s annual meeting, which is scheduled for April.

January 2005 - Marrs handing Dundee shares to fans' group (Scotsman)

DUNDEE co-owners Peter and Jimmy Marr are to surrender some of their Dens Park shares to allow supporters group Dee4Life to strengthen their stake in the club.

Dee4Life raised more than £160,000 to aid running costs while administrators took drastic action. The new issue will see the trust acquire a five per cent holding, which could allow them to increase their stake to up to 20 per cent in future by way of annual lump sum investments.

Dundee chief executive Peter Marr said: "There will be clubs in Scotland which will look at Dee4Life and their achievements with a degree of jealousy as they have set the standard for supporters groups in Scottish football and proved what can be achieved."

March 2005 - Dee4Life Trust celebrate first avviversary

Click here to see Evening Telegraph article/photo

March 2005 - Time for Dundee to move on - Chairman

DUNDEE FC chairman Bob Brannan has called for the club to be allowed to move on from the “blackest chapter” in its history. Click here to read the full Courier article.

“In Dee4Life, Dundee can boast of the most successful supporters’ movement in Scottish football...their energy, ambition and vision are integral to the club’s future" - Dundee Chairman Bob Brannan

April 2005 - Dalek joins Dee4Life campaigndalek.jpg

Dundee supporters trust Dee4Life will hold another major fund-raising event at Deja Vu tomorrow night. Click here to read the full Courier article.

April 2005 - Dundee Creditors to get 2.5p in £

BUSINESSES OWED money when Dundee Football Club went into administration are to be paid just two-and-a-half pence in the pound, it emerged last night.

In his chairman’s report, Bob Brannan pays tribute to the efforts of supporters—in particular the Dee4Life fans group—during the fight to survive administration and debts well in excess of £20 million. Click here to read the full Courier article.

May 2005 - Dundee relegated - Provost urges fans to back club

"Obviously Dee4Life will do everything they can and get the fans together to help the club as much as we can" - click here to read the full Courier article.

May 2005 - Fans’ new bid to boost ailing club

SUPPORTERS’ TRUST Dee4Life last night launched an ambitious plan to pump £120,000 a year into relegated Dundee FC through a direct debit scheme. Click here to read the full Courier article.

Around 400 members of the trust were given details of the proposal at a “positive” meeting in the Dundee Supporters’ Club.

September 2005 - Dee4Life Trust to formalise Trust status (The Courier)

Meanwhile, the Dens Parkers are holding an extraordinary general meeting tonight to formalise the status of the Dee4Life Trust.

Shareholders are being asked to ratify changes to the share capital of the company and alter the Articles of Association. The net result will be Dee4Life’s right to have a representative on the board being confirmed as well as their stake in the club rising—thanks to a like for like share donation being made by Peter and Jimmy Marr—to around 5%.

December 2005 - Hibs Trust website

ERIN Hibernian Supporters Trust would like to put on record our thanks to Dee4life Trust for the hospitality and friendship shown to our Trust members prior to the match v Dundee Utd. on 3rd December. Dee4Life hosted members in the executive lounges at Dens Park prior to the game which was greatly appreciated by all who attended.

The hospitality and reception afforded to our members was of the highest order and demonstrates the close link between Football Trust members nationwide.

May 2006 - Mileson to help fans buy Dundee

Gretna owner Brooks Mileson is to help Dundee fans in their bid to become the major shareholders at Dens Park. The Dee4Life Trust voted on Saturday to launch a fundraising campaign to buy 33% of the shares in the club. Click here to read the full BBC online article.

June 2006 - D4L team up with shirt sponsor

Dee4Life have teamed up with shirt sponsors Signatures4U and Dundee Direct in an initative to generate funds.... Click here to read full Evening Telegraph article.

June 2006 - Dee4Life begin dash for cash ure%20dundee.gif

DEE4LIFE TRUST are launching their fund-raising campaign at Dens Park tomorrow, with the aim of increasing their shareholding from 5% to a minimum of 26%. Click here to read the full Courier article.

June 2006 - RST Support D4L Ure Dundee campaign (Rangers Supporters Trust)

The Trust are delighted to announce our support for the Dundee Trust's 'URE Dundee' campaign to increase their shareholding in Dundee FC Find out more about 'URE Dundee' via this link. DFC Club shirt sponsors Signatures4U have teamed up with Dundee Direct and Dee4Life in an initiative to generate funds for the Trust's campaign.

Signatures4U ( supply all manner of sports memorabilia, with a particular focus on the football industry. The company is in its first year of trading but has already gained a large market share of the memorabilia industry, with targets of becoming the largest in the Uk within the next year. The company are hugely excited about the forthcoming sponsorship of DFC and wanted to be actively involved in the Dee4Life campaign for all of the fans (including themselves).

Signatures4U are to make available their full range of footballing merchandise at the Dundee Club Shop. 40% of the price of any sale will passed onto Dee4Life and further to this, any online sales made during the period of the Trust's campaign (which is to run to 31st July) will also return a similar sum.

Therefore if any RST member would like to buy themselves a nice piece of sports memorabilia while supporting our fellow Trust, please click the graphic below.

August 2006 - Dundee creditor draws line at share investment

A BUSINESSMAN who fell foul of Dundee Football Club’s financial woes is unwilling to invest in fans group Dee4Life’s campaign to achieve a majority shareholding in the club. Click here to read the full Courier article.

August 2006 - Shareholding update (The Courier)

Fans group Dee4Life have—taking into account pledges as well as hard cash already banked—succeeded in their efforts to raise the funds required to acquire a 26% stake in Dundee from owners Peter and Jimmy Marr. They intend now to try to raise a further £83,000 which would be sufficient, if that could be converted into additional shares, to make them the largest stakeholder in the club.

February 2007 - Black day for Marr brothers' companiesmarrs.jpg

George Knight, the director representing fans’ organisation Dee4Life, said the bank has said the statement concerning the financial restructuring referred to in the media is still valid. Click here to read the full Courier article.

February 2008 - Ray Farningham on Gretna's financial difficulties (Daily Record)

RAY FARNINGHAM came through the crisis which rocked Dundee five years ago but fears he won't survive at Gretna.

"I know too well from my time at Dundee the devastating effect administration can have on a club. "The good thing about Dundee was the fact they had a fan base, history and tradition to fall back on when those really hard times kicked in. "The fundraising efforts of Dee4Life went a long way to saving the club. They rallied round and raised a quite staggering amount of money.

"Unfortunately Gretna don't have those sort of resources or level of backing from fans. That's my biggest worry. There just isn't the same sort of community compared to an established football club like Dundee."

July 2008 - Take a look at what other clubs Trusts have done (Dunfermline Trust website)

Dee4Life (Dundee FC) - With a membership of just under 4000, Dee4Life is the biggest Trust in Scotland and in the top 5 in the UK with their fans efforts bringing them back from the edge of extinction.

October 2008 - D4L welcome Bennett role

Dee 4 Life have welcomed news that John Bennett will still have a role to play at Dens Park (writes Graeme Finnan) - click here

April 2009 - Dee4Life’s pledge for fan

Dundee Football Club fans’ group Dee4Life has pledged £500 to help the family of Kevin Murray, the Scotland fan who died in Amsterdam, repatriate his body. click here

August 2009 - Fans could own Dens

Negotiations may have stalled, but there remains a possibility that the not-too-distant future will see ownership of Dens Park change hands. If that happens, fans’ group Dee4Life are likely to become the eventual guardians of the home of Dundee Football Club. click here