AGM 13 Meeting Notes 

As we strive as a Society to ensure we are open, transparent and honest with all members, we have taken the decision to publish the AGM meeting notes online, these notes will not be an approved version until approved by the members at next years AGM. However we feel that all members that couldn't make the AGM should be allowed the opportunity to read what was discussed

Meeting notes from the Society AGM, held on the 16th of November, are available to view by clicking here and entering the AGM November 16th Folder



What a Difference a Decade Makes!


The manager was Jim Duffy; the team captain was Barry Smith; the date was 22nd November 2003; the headline in The Courier that day was “Dundee on the brink of administration.”  The hearts of those DFC fans who were around at that time still miss a beat when they think back to what will invariably be included among the darkest of days in the history of the Dee. 


And two days later, on November 24th 2003, the worst fears of the fans at that time were founded. The club was indeed plunged into administration. People were shown the door on that desperately sad day, numbered among them being fifteen members of the playing staff including such international football stars as Georgi Nemsadze, Fabrizio Ravanelli, Fabian Caballero, Juan Sara and Beto Caranza. Yet just five weeks earlier Dundee FC had been competing in Europe in the 1st Round of the UEFA Cup, and less than five months before that they had been  playing in the final of the Scottish Cup. But that was then. This was now. And what was needed was nothing short of a miracle. 


Administrator Tom Burton was the man tasked with being the miracle maker. He had worked the oracle previously with Portsmouth FC, although he himself admitted that Portsmouth’s average crowd of 11,0000 and debt of around £8m was put in the shade by Dundee’s average crowd of 6,000 and debt of around £20m. So he called on the help of all supporters who wanted to come to the aid of the club to pool their resources.


On Saturday, 29th November, a patched up Dark Blues’ eleven took to the field for an away match against Livingston. In this, their first post-administration league match, they earned a highly creditable 1—1 draw, the Dees’ goal being grabbed by Mark Fotheringham, scoring his first first-team goal on his full debut. 


Then on Monday 1st December officials of the club’s supporters’ association met with Tom Burton. A Dee4Life fundraising committee was formed and the plans they were already beginning to put into place received a ringing endorsement from the Administrator. It would most certainly not have been recognised as such at the time, but remarkably the tide was already beginning to turn.


The Dee4Life campaign was launched on Tuesday December 2nd, and the website was set up.


The following day, Wednesday December 3rd, Dundee played their first home game since going into administration. Hearts were the opponents in a CIS Cup quarter-final tie, and before the match the fans received a fillip when Jim Duffy made it clear he was staying at the club despite an attempt by Partick Thistle to lure him away. Fittingly, the team that took to the field for that match gave it their all. 1—0 was the score, Bobby Linn winning the day with his first counter for the club. And the fans made abundantly clear their intentions to save their football club with an amazing fundraising effort.  The DJ blasted out such defiant tracks as “ I will survive” and “Things can only get better”. The entire production run of 500 Dee4Life t-shirts sold out and, aided by the generosity of the Hearts fans on the night, a bucket collection raised the fantastic sum of £14,000.   


That was just the beginning of course. There were many hurdles to be overcome in the days, weeks, months and years that lay ahead, and on the way there have been peaks and there have been troughs.


But here we are today, exactly ten years later.  A team on the field working their socks off to win promotion back to the SPL; a management team and Board of Directors, strengthened by the resources of Football Partnership Scotland, backing them every inch of the way; a Supporters’ Society that’s the envy of almost every other football club in the land.


And together, there need be nothing stopping us from making sure that the next decade brings us all the success we deserve.


Bring it on!

Mike Jeffries


Introducing Our New Man on the Board - Ian Baird

Ian is a life-long supporter of the Club, and Trustee and Secretary of Dark Blue Business Trust. Brought up in Dundee Ian started his business career in the city as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, followed by a move into residential property development where he held senior management and director positions with Miller Homes, Mansell Partnerships, and Bett Homes. Since leaving Bett in July 2011 he’s been running his own housing consultancy based in Perth.

In addition to his extensive business experience, Ian has a long standing voluntary connection with DFC going back to 2001 when he became a founder member and Chairman of the DFC Business Club. Since then he’s been actively involved in fundraising for youth development, and is currently working on an initiative aimed at securing the future of Dens Park.

Ian is ideally placed in terms of his experience, skills, and availability to effectively contribute to the on-going development of a vibrant and sustainable Society. His primary aim is to add his extensive business and voluntary sector expertise to the Board, and to focus on ensuring that the Society is positively involved in any future stadium buy-back. He’s also completely focused on helping to secure the best possible outcomes for the Society on all other fronts.       


Beyond his DFC involvement and business activity, Ian is Vice-President of his Rotary Club in Perth, and an active volunteer for the Woodland Trust Scotland.   


Junior Dee Christmas Party Reminder

It’ll soon be time for rockin’ around the Christmas tree...and that means it’ll soon be time for the Junior Dees’ Christmas party! The big day is Sunday 22nd December; the venue is Baxter’s in Raglan Street, Stobswell; and the Kick-off and Final whistle times will be confirmed very soon now. 


There will be laughter and fun by the bucketful, with a DeeJay to keep the music coming for the JayDees! 


Santa will be there of course, with a gift for every one of our most important young people; Deewok will be there; and some other people the JDs will love to meet will be make sure your Junior Dees don’t miss out on this special Christmas-time treat!


Tickets are FREE to Junior Dee members only.  

Please RSVP to 

by Thursday 5th December


Tickets can then be collected from the Ticket Office

 at Dens Park. The Ticket Office is open Mon. to Fri. 10am—5pm

Sat.—10am to 3pm (and for 30 minutes after any home match).


Seniors Meeting

The highly successful DFC Seniors Club will be holding their latest meeting on Thursday the 28th of November at 11am, Dens Park. The guest speaker for the event will be Craig Brown


All fans are welcome to attend


DFCSS Board Meeting 21-11-13 Live Update

1, Carol Findlay had been co-opted onto the board to take up the role of Finance Director

2, Minutes of the meeting held on the 13-11-13 were approved with amendments and will be available online in due course

3, Work on going on the websites.

4, Internet now installed into the TV gantry to facilitate Live streaming, testing to follow

5, It was decided to approach the club to ask if we could use the notice board in the Bobby Cox Stand to promote Society news

6, Society Board happy to make a donation towards the Junior Dees party, final amount will be discussed once a rough attendance number is available


As always, full minutes from the meeting will be avaliable online once approved at the next society board meeting



* Big News for the Wee Dees *


 Christmas is coming—and that means it’ll soon be time for the Junior Dees’ Christmas party! Sunday 22nd December is the date, and Baxter’s in Raglan Street, Stobswell, is the place for every Junior Dee to be! The Kick-off and Final Whistle times will be confirmed as soon as possible.

There’s so much fun and excitement for the youngsters to look forward to, including visits from Santa, Deewok, and some very special surprise guests with very familiar faces the kids will just love to meet! There will be lots of laughter and music too, with a DJ to help entertain the JDs! And as Santa is to be at the party there’s sure to be a gift for every one of our most important young people!

Tickets are FREE to Junior Dee members only.


Please RSVP to

Tickets can then be collected from the Ticket

Office at Dens Park.

* * * * * * *

Each of the youngsters at this year’s party will have their own Christmas wish list. But here’s a Christmas wish for all of them (and us) to share in the hope it will come true in May.....

When the season’s done and the battles won

May the mighty Dee be on top of the tree!




 Picture taken at the 2012 JD Christmas party.

"I’m not greedy, Santa. Something this size will do!"




Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

..........well not exactly tomorrow to be truthful, but ten days from now all the bold boys who in support of Movember have been adorning their upper lips with everything ranging from unflattering fluff to something resembling pot scouring pads will once more be feeling the sun (we hope) on their full faces.

That’s when these young shavers and not-so-young shavers, all of whom for this month have been partly non-shavers, will be reaching for their razors once again. Meanwhile, what these guys are doing is raising awareness of male cancers such as prostate and testicular, and at the same time raising funds to help change the face of men’s health.

The rest of us (lasses as well as lads) have to give them considerable credit for what they’re being daft enough to do to bring these issues to everyone’s attention. We should also dig deep to give them as much as we can afford to back their efforts.

We have an official Movember up and running at Dundee Football Club. If you’d like to donate to the cause, simply drop an email to (07704 020865).

Come on Dees......let’s see how much money we can raise for this worthy cause. Dundee may not be a future City of Culture, but let’s show everyone that Dundee FC is a Club that Cares.



The Report of the Board

One of the items on the AGM agenda on Saturday of this week is the DFCSS Board of Directors' report, which does not become final until it has been agreed and voted on by the members in attendance at the AGM and then signed by three directors and dated.

Previously the draft report has been made available in the first instance to those members attending the AGM. However, as has been commented on in the past, this has given very little time in which to absorb the report before the meeting has opened.

So at a meeting held on Wednesday 13th November the board decided to take the step of publishing the draft report early this year in order to give the membership as much time as possible in which to digest it, and they are pleased to publish it here.

The Directors look forward to seeing you at the AGM, when answers will be provided to any questions asked about the report.


Click here to view the report


In It To Win It!

Although Doug Johnson  joined the Dee Promotions Lottery on Day One, until very recently he had been unrewarded with a win. But a couple of weeks ago his luck changed. Doug, you see, is filled with dogged determination, so he stuck with it for all this time and his perseverance finally paid off with a wee consolation £20 windfall. “That’s it,” he thought. “That’s my once in a lifetime win.”

But not so! As it turned out, that was just the Lottery setting its sights on Doug and having a practice shot! And the very next week it hit the bullseye, leaving Doug to hit the jackpot with his winning entry! Not only that, the icing on the cake for Doug was that he got to tread on the hallowed turf last Saturday - the day when DFC’s youngest ever player to score at top team level, Craig Wighton, notched his first goal for the first team in our 2-0 victory over Raith Rovers. So between seeing history being made and collecting his cheque for £1,490.60, that was quite a day for Doug.

When asked a couple of days later what he would spend his winnings on, Doug laughed and said he’d spent it already. Thanks to his great good fortune, he and his wife and a couple of friends have booked a weekend in Glasgow in the New Year with a visit to the theatre to see West Side Story thrown in.

Take note fellow Dees! It just goes to show what can happen when you take part in the Dee Promotions Lottery! And of course you can’t win it if you ain’t in it, so if you’d like to sign up for a chance to have you being the one to follow in Doug’s footsteps and collect the jackpot, please contact Alison McQueen or Niccole Ney on 01382 884450, or drop into Main Reception at Dens Park.