ALL 4-1!

As recent events have highlighted once again, those of us of a Dark Blue persuasion are all passionate people, not slow to let others know of our feelings! So as we head into the second half of what we all trust will be the season when we finally break free of the shackles of this (fill in your own adjective!) league once and for all let’s all get together to do everything we can to lift our team’s performances on the park and get this league won, won soon, and won in a manner that will fill the players, the management and the fans with nothing but pride. Let’s bring back the all 4 - 1 spirit of the Deefiant season and make sure that the Dundee FC Family have a really REALLY happy New Year!

Mike Jeffries


Merry Christmas

The Dundee FC Supporters Society would like to wish Dundee fans all over the globe a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Lets hope Santa brings us all our promotion wish!


Dundee FC 1 — English Football League 0!


That’s Movember done and dusted for another year. Movember is, of course, all about “Mo Bros” (aided by “Mo Sistas”) getting messages across about men’s health and raising funds by growing moustaches for the month of November. Started in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia, by a bunch of thirty “Mo Bros”, it has now grown to a global movement encompassing twenty-one countries world-wide and involving some four million participants who together have raised £276m which is funding nearly six hundred men’s health projects.


Under the captaincy of Jacqui Robertson (non-playing Captain of course!) we had a team taking part. This is to let you know how “Team DFC” came together and how they fared.


Jacqui takes up the story.....


"This is the third year I’ve captained Team DFC and this has been the best yet.  The club Board wanted to get involved this year and they have been unwaveringly supportive of our Movember campaign and right good sports to go with that. Favourite moments include reading Ian Crighton's commentary on what he and his moustache got up to on a daily basis and Martin Boyle being the poster boy representing our team and taking a bit of stick along the way. If a small group of fans and club employees can raise the kind of money we raised (see below), imagine what we can do next year with more people involved.


“Our club has led the way in Scottish football in raising money and awareness for male cancers and the mental health issues that these can lead to. We may have saved a life or two and that is priceless. I want to say thank you to my wonderful team who I've raved about to anyone who would listen for their fantastic fundraising and I really hope to see them all again next year."


Just how well Team DFC have done can be seen from comments passed on to us by a member of the Business and Community Engagement team at Movember, who had this to say:-


“Congratulations to Team DFC. I wanted to engage more Scottish clubs but didn’t do enough this year. I will certainly be holding Dundee FC up as an example of what is possible in terms of raising awareness and funds. You did exceptionally well. In raising £7,029 you raised more than the whole of the English Football League combined! Their total was £6,513!”


As for our team members, here are some of their reflections on the event:-


Bill Colvin — “Proud of the way the team of Dundee fans rallied round this excellent cause and delighted with the total amount of money we raised for the charity."


Ian Crighton — “I wasn’t surprised by the lack of visibility of my  facial hair  – a gap of 40 years hadn’t improved matters and reaffirmed the decision, taken so long ago, to be a regular shaver. The level of support from friends came as a pleasant surprise and was gratefully received. To the two sponsors who insisted on an “orange”  MO on match day in return for the £100 – Thanks,  I have a long memory!”


Peter Campbell — “I was Dee-lighted to join my fellow Dundee supporters and participate in Movember this year. I'm not too sure what was worse — growing the moustache or the scary selfies to chart its progress! Very proud of the fantastic amount raised and donated by the DFC family.”


For more information about Movember you can find stats and information here:-



Dundee FC — Making a Difference

Each year, as Christmas approaches, our players pay a visit to the Children’s Hospital in Ninewells, taking gifts for all the young patients. These visits—notable for being a joint effort by the club, the players, the Supporters’ Society and the DSA—are awaited with excitement by the children and can work wonders by boosting their morale. But it’s not only the young patients who benefit. The experience of meeting and chatting with children who show bravery by the bucketful can bring home to the players, blessed as they are with health and strength, how much they have to be thankful for. Jacqui Robertson organizes the event and accompanies the players on their visit and it is she who takes up the story:-

After this year’s visit, new dad Peter Macdonald told me all about the recent addition to his family and how meeting his baby boy made him appreciate the hospital visit even more. “He’s amazing,” said Peter, “the best thing that’s ever happened to me. He’s just over three weeks old now. My outlook on life has been tenfold ever since that wee thing arrived. I’d do anything for him.” And it was clear that the hospital visit had a profound effect not only on Peter but also on the rest of the players. While at the hospital they met Blake McMillan, a little boy with whom the Dundee fans are very familiar. “That hit home even more,” Peter went on. “I said so to Matty Lockwood when I was talking to Blake. Blake’s mum and dad are incredible with the funding they’ve raised and their outlook on life. They’re determined to find a cure for his illness whether it helps their son or not. That touched me and Matty deeply.” 

One mum who spoke to Peter and Matt for some time told her story of her little boy. “He was born one pound eight ounces and you look at him eighteen months down the line and he has defied all the odds and defied every doctor who said he wouldn’t live,” she said. “That wee boy’s a little fighter,” Peter told me. “It must be so tough on the parents of all those youngsters. Going to see the children made my day and I’m sure the same could be said of all our lads when they saw how our visit made the children smile.” 

The staff wanted to pose for photos with the players too and it wasn’t missed by the boys exactly how hard they work. “They do an incredible job,” Peter went on. “It’s frightening the things they must see and I’m pretty sure there are tears shed at night when they go home after a shift. I don’t think a nursing job is a twelve hour shift. I think it’s twenty-four hours, every day of the year. I don’t know if it’s fatherhood that’s done this to me, but it has definitely hit home how fortunate I am to have a healthy little boy.” 

Stephen O’ Donnell was also touched by the visit and talked about the effect it had on him. “It’s humbling to be honest. Obviously it’s good to be able to give back a wee bit with the job that we’ve got. It was an eye opener for me. The kids I went to see were the ones who were just in and out in a day and I was amazed at how bright they were considering they had been in for operations. They were really happy to see us. It made me think of how I felt after an operation and you’re well out of it afterwards but wee Mikey in particular was so bright and alert. He was a good example for me that if anything ever happened again just to get on with it. You don’t realise sometimes how easy it is for us to give a little bit back.

“Some of the boys were telling me that they had visited the wards where some of the children were very ill and they said it brought them down to earth with a bang. It makes you see what you’ve got. You might moan and think things are hard for yourself, but from what the boys were telling me these kids have really got things to moan about. You realise how lucky you are when you see some of those kids and it’s a boot up the bum really. Some of those kids will be in there over Christmas and that’s tough.”

Asked how it felt to know that he and the team had made the day of so many children and staff Stephen said, “It’s just amazing to have that effect. It’s not a big thing for the boys and it’s not a long time either and if it makes a difference then that’s brilliant.”


Photographs by Jacqui Robertson



DFCTV is Down

 DFCTV is currently down and will not be active again until after Christmas. This is due to the ongoing development of a new modern DFCTV site that will ensure our service is highly professional, easy to use and available on all devices.

In the meantime, you will be able to view match highlights and interviews via the club website., these videos will also be available on youtube.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused and ask for your patience as we strive to improve the service provided to all our members


Ross Day


Wait For It....

Dee Promotions, who regularly contribute funds to the DFC Youth Development programme, will be presenting a cheque to Dundee FC at half-time during Saturday’s match v. Cowdenbeath. Lottery manager Alison McQueen, the driving force behind the lottery and various other Dee Promotions fundraising events, will hand over the cheque in person. We don’t want to steal Alison’s thunder, so have decided not to reveal the amount ahead of the presentation. We can, however, promise it’s a superb sum. All will be revealed over the public address system on Saturday, so please give the announcement your full attention - and give it the applause Alison Dee-serves!


Do YOU want to join the lottery and give yourself a chance of winning one of the great prizes on offer every week? It costs only £1 a week and is simplicity itself to join. Call the stadium on 01382 884450 to find out how to take part.


Introducing the Society’s new Finance Director, Carol Findlay


Carol was born and brought up in Dundee, educated first at Hillside Primary and then Menzieshill High. She has been a Dee since the mid seventies when she began attending games with a group of friends. "Those were the days," she reminisces. "No seats; just steps and railings. There was no segregation and at half-time the home and away supporters used to change ends, passing one another in the Derry with little or no trouble, just bags of good natured banter."

She has been a season ticket holder for years, and when she started bringing her son to games she moved from the Derry to the Bobby Cox Stand when it opened as the facilities there were better. They have sat in those same seats ever since.

Carol has been married to Roddy, also a Dee, for 30 years and they have two grown up children, both of whom, she is pleased to say, are of the Dark Blue persuasion. "To be honest," she says, "they probably didn’t have any choice in the matter!"

Roddy’s job took the family to Forfar and they’ve lived there for twenty-five years. The family joined the Forfar Dark Blues and both Roddy and Carol joined the committee. Both have served for a number of years now, Carol as treasurer and Roddy as secretary. Forfar Dark Blues run a bus to home games and Carol does the organising. As for her interest in finance, that goes back a long way.

"I work in the family business and am responsible for keeping the accounts, operating the pay-roll and undertaking general administration duties," she explained. "When I started this job, many years ago, I had no experience in finance but had an aptitude for numbers so decided to gain some qualifications in order to help my position. I went to college for two years before attending university for a further two years, graduating from Abertay University in July 2012 with an honours degree in Accounting with Finance, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at both college and university.

"I had no thoughts of serving on the Society board as, to be honest, I was like a lot of supporters who had lost trust and faith in the DFCSS. However, at a meeting at the West End Social Club in Forfar I was very impressed with the plans of the group known then as the Development Committee. It was really refreshing to listen to guys without an agenda. They spoke from the heart and their only interest was in our beloved club. Mike Jeffries later approached me about helping the finance team and I made it known I would be happy to help in a minor role. This is hardly minor though!"


Christmas is coming, and Wise Men (and Women)....


....are heading for the club shop, Dundee Direct, to buy our very special DFC Christmas cards! Printed on high quality board, the cards feature a superb seasonal take on the DFC club crest complemented by a greeting inside that reads “Wishing a Dee-lightful Christmas and New Year to our Dundee F.C. Family”.


They’re the perfect cards for you to send to your fellow Dees (as well as anyone who has the misfortune NOT to be a member of the DFC Family!) and they cost just £1each or 5 for £4.


You can also order these unique cards through your DSA representative, and they can be picked up and paid for at the next DSA meeting on Saturday 14th December.


So wise up! Make sure you don’t miss them!


The Result of the Season (So Far)! 



November 2013 has been and gone, so, with a collective sigh of relief, the guys who represented Team DFC in this year’s Movember fundraising event have all reached for their razors and exposed their upper lips to the elements once more. And what a magnificent job those men have done in raising awareness of male cancers such as prostate and testicular while raising much needed funds to help fight those foes—and, incidentally, by their action (or rather inaction in the shaving department) also raising awareness that Dundee FC is very much a club that cares.


Under the captaincy of Jacqui Robertson (the non-playing captain we hasten to add!) the team of 25 participants with club Chairman Bill Colvin leading the charge has stormed ahead of last year’s total of £2,000 raised in sponsorships. Bill himself, boosted by a wonderful contribution of $1,000 dollars from a good friend in the US, has been sponsored to the tune of no less than £1,855, while fellow DFC directors Ian Crighton and Steve Martin have also chipped in with sizeable sums.



Some of the fans included in our squad of 25 went to extraordinary lengths to raise as much money as possible—none more so than Steve Guild, who bravely turned up for our cup-tie with Raith Rovers sporting a tangerine and black mouser! Someone had contributed £100 to the cause for the "privilege" of spraying Steve’s ‘tache in those colours while (whisper it!) in Jim Linton we had a real live fan from tangerine and black territory who crossed the street and joined our team of 25 especially for this occasion!


What about the rest of us? Well, as at 5th December, along with sundry other benefactors we’ve put our hands in our pockets and stumped up an amazing £7,004 for Team DFC to help change the face of men’s health - more than three times the amount we raised last November for the same cause! It’s not too late to add to the total of course. Feel free to contact Jacqui if you’d like to contribute to the cause. You can reach her at:-






Picture shows Luke Conway (right) and his pal Joseph Keenan doing their best to look like Luke’s dashing dad, Billy.










Fans Rep Diary Update

November was a quiet month for me, with just four meetings to attend.


16th November: DFCSS AGM

The Society’s AGM, held in the Andy Penman Lounge and chaired by Peter Campbell, was well attended. We went through the agenda in good time, the main items being the approval of the accounts and the election of new DFCSS Board members. Questions were taken, and answers were given to everyone’s satisfaction. I’d like to thank Barbara Tough and John Knight for all their help and the many hours/days they spent preparing the accounts. Ian Baird & Bob Hynd were elected on to the Board and Dave Forbes and Mike Jeffries were re-elected. With Ian and Bob joining the Board I can see the Society going from strength to strength. A great team is in place and with your help and support we can look forward to the future with confidence.


16th November: DFCSS/DSA/DFC

I went straight out of the AGM to a discussion between representatives of DFCSS, DSA and DFC. This meeting, which was aimed at resolving any perceived differences between the two supporters’ groups and providing assurances that they would continue to work together for the good of the football club, had a satisfactory outcome. For the time being, Graham Pert will be the liaison between the two bodies of supporters. 


21st November: DFC Board Meeting

I learned that the new toilets for the South Enclosure are on-going, with the building warrant in the hands of the city council. The sprinkler system has also passed the planning stage and should be started before the New Year, weather permitting. The club has had two/three players per week on trial in anticipation of the opening of the transfer window in January. The half-price season ticket will be on sale for £150 with ten home games left. I also enquired about buying shares in the club. £8,000 was previously the minimum cost, but this has now been set at £1,000, opening up the opportunity to more regular supporters and supporter clubs to invest.

30th November: 120th Anniversary Dinner

The historic event was moved from the Malmaison Hotel to The Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews in less than 24 hours! This shows what a great backroom team we have working at the club. Helped by the staff of the Malmaison and The Old Course Hotel, John, Verity, Hannah and Scot worked some very long hours on Friday night and early Saturday to get this dinner on. It would have been easy to cancel the event at 8pm on Friday when the Malmaison called with the news that parts of the hotel were flooded, but the club and both hotels rose to the challenge. A huge well done and thanks must go to all involved. I’m now looking forward to the 40th Anniversary Dinner on the 15th December.


I’m always happy to hear your ideas, so please email me on