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Dundee Fair Trade Forum Follow Up

Fair Trade Fortnight began on Monday 25th Feb, and to mark the event, Dundee FC Supporters’ Society invited the Dundee Fair Trade Forum to Dens under the Community Initiative, to allow them the chance to raise the profile of fair Trade Fortnight, and the Dundee Fair Trade Forum.


The Society caught up with Dundee Fair Trade Forum convenor Richard McCreadie, to find out how the night went, and a bit more about Fair Trade products. ‘Fair Trade is about making sure people are treated fairly, and how they produce goods, making sure that everybody gets a fair wage for the jobs that they do, the work they do, and making sure that we pay a fair price for the goods that we buy. Fair Trade fortnight started on the 25th, and Scotland was declared a Fair Trade Nation that day, so it is a really good time to support Fair Trade.’


‘Fair trade products help people who produce these goods in the developing world, and by buying these goods, you can make a difference to the lives of these people. Everyone knows about Fair Trade products like tea and coffee, but it is about more than that, it’s about who produces sporting goods, footballs, things like that. I believe the next big initiative from the Scottish Fair trade forum will focus on sporting goods, and I believe Dundee FC are one club that is looking to be supportive of that, so it is important that we get the word out there to football and sporting fans.’


‘ One of our active members, Art McGuinness is a season ticket holder at Dens, and he saw the community work going on at Dens, and managed to arrange a slot for us. It is great that Dundee FC Supporters’ Society, and Dundee FC take their role in the community seriously, Dundee are taking their responsibilities seriously, a football club can be the heart of a community, and Dundee FC and the Supporters’ Society obviously take that seriously, and it is great that they do. The fans as well play their part; they have engaged with us tonight, they have been very interested in what we have to say, we have had a very good reception from the Dundee fans, and I would like to thank them for that.’


‘I would also like to thank everyone involved in our visit tonight, Jacqui Robertson was fantastic organising our visit, and making sure we were well looked after on the night. We got to promote our work to the fans, and see a very good game of football as well. Getting the signed shirt and ball as well, it means we can use those items to further raise awareness and promote Fair Trade in the city.’


Community Director Jacqui Robertson was delighted to welcome Dundee Fair Trade Forum to Dens as part of the Community initiative during Fair Trade fortnight. ‘When season ticket holder Art McGuiness approached me about Dundee Fair Trade Forum being part of the Community Initiative, I was delighted to be able to help out. Fair Trade is a way for Dundee supporters, and everyone in Dundee to help people in the developing world, to change the lives of people. Buying fair trade products can do that, and to be able to give Dundee Fair Trade Forum a platform to promote their work allows the club and Society to show support for Fair Trade.’


‘Fair Trade is an idea we all know a bit about, we all know about Fair Trade goods, but to find out more about the range of goods, and the difference it can make, the good it does for whole communities was fantastic, and to know we can all do our bit to help by simply switching to Fair Trade products is a message I was keen to help deliver. I hope Fair trade fortnight is a success for Dundee Fair Trade Forum, and would like to thank them for taking the time to spread that word at Dens.’


Dundee FC Supporters’ Society would like to add their thanks to those of our Community Director, and would like to wish Dundee Fair Trade Forum success in their current campaign. Having witnessed the reception not just towards Dundee Fair Trade Forum, but every charity this season, the Supporters’ Society would also like to thank the Dundee fans for receiving them all fantastically, and showing interest in the work they do. The Community Initiative has shown time and time again that, while taking nothing away from the footballing side of operations, Dundee FC Supporters Society take their community role seriously, and would like to publicly thank Jacqui for all her hard work with this fantastic Initiative.