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My Day as Jacqui’s Apprentice

When one of the Society’s youngest volunteers, Nicole Miller, came up with an unusual request, DFCSS were more than happy to help out, providing Nicole gave us an account of how her day went. Nicole is a big fan of Dundee FC, and a fan of our own Jacqui Robertson, her request was to be an apprentice for the day. So here it is, the inside story of a day in the life of a Society Director and DFCTV reporter, as seen through the eyes of an eleven year old volunteer.


Well first me and my granddad were in the Penman waiting for Jacqui. When Jacqui came in she sat down with us and gave me a press pass and a pink media jacket.  After that me, Jacqui and my granddad went to the Bobby Cox stand to meet the charity and to get my granddad signed in as a volunteer.


 The charity was the Firefighters, Jacqui took some pictures and then we went to the Directors Lounge and seen if there were any guests to take pictures of. There were no guests so we went back into the Penman and I met a man called George who was very funny. Then me and Jacqui went around the tables in the Penman collecting money for a great, great man called Ronnie who unfortunately died.


Soon after that me and Jacqui walked to the media box but we had to go through the front door and as we were going to the door to get out I met a woman called Laura and a man called Davie, he takes pics of the team etc. We went to the media box and Jacqui signed in but when we went in I met JAMIE McCLUSKEY (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)



 So Jacqui asked me if I wanted to walk around the pitch so I said yeah. So we walked to the South Enclosure and I met 2 men called Graham and Neil to see how they were doing. Once we came out thee  Jacqui said to me “We can go round and see how the charity is doing” and we talked about how people don’t appreciate things until it happens to them. Then we walked to the Bobby Cox and seen how my granddad, Carlyn and her sister were doing.


We walked back to the big sitting bit and then the game started. At half time Jacqui had to set up the charity and after that we went into the players’ lounge to get a cup of tea and a pie. But there was nothing not even tea!!...but I got to meet Stephen O’Donnell, Mark Kerr, Gary Harkins, Leighton McIntosh, Graham Webster, John Gibson, David Morgan, Jamie McCluskey (again ha ha) and I got all of them to sign my programme. And that was half time.



 After the game I was happy with the result 5-1 obviously Dundee won and not Morton (ha ha) Jacqui had to do DFCTV, she was going to interview Barry, Lewis and Colin (and I got there signatures he he) Then I went to the Penman again and went to see my granddad and go home but we stayed there to see who Dundee were facing in the quarter final and it’s a derby, DFC (The best) against DUFC


Can’t wait for March 2/3


Thank you Jacqui


For her part, Jacqui was happy to help with Nicole’s request to be her apprentice for the day, ‘Nicole was great fun to have around and everyone she met around Dens seemed very impressed by her. She's only 11 and yet she really knows her stuff about DFC. Her favourite player Jamie Mccluskey certainly seemed happy to meet one of his biggest fans and has a new best friend in Nicole. She asked to join me for the day and it was an easy request to accept. Nicole is quite possibly our youngest volunteer and one hard working young lady. This was my way of thanking her and her granddad Neil Ellis (from one of our charities Boomerang) for everything they have done for us. I'd just like to thank Nicole for all her help as my assistant.’