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Dundee Women's Aid

This Friday sees Dundee women’s Aid visit Dens as part of the Community Initiative. Dundee Women’s Aid kindly supplied the following article to the Society.


Did you know in 2011-2012 DWA supported 451 women &222 Children & Young People.


So, what does domestic abuse have to do with you?

Would you spot it?


Domestic abuse is ... the mental, physical and/or sexual, financial abuse by a partner, ex-partner or close relation.  In most cases, it is experienced by women and children, and is perpetrated by men.  Domestic abuse is not a one off incident; it is usually a pattern of controlling behaviour and is often hidden.


Anyone can be abused it happens in all kinds of relationships, regardless of race, class, religion, culture, sexuality, age, disability or gender identity. We support all women, Children and young people. 


You are not alone... one in five women in Scotland have experienced domestic abuse. That’s a lot of women! It’s almost definite that you will know someone who is experiencing domestic abuse or is perpetrating it.


Getting free from abuse is a long process... most women seek help from a number of sources, and may leave and return several times before they are able to make the final break. A woman is likely to be abused and go through the help seeking process 35 times before successfully doing so. Women are at greatest risk of homicide at the point of separation or after leaving a violent partner. 


One question that is often asked is...

"Why didn't you leave?" or "Why did you stay so long?" There are many reasons why women stay with their abusers. The same as the reasons why a person may stay in a job where they are being ill- treated. It is important to know that leaving does not always end the abuse - and sometimes, at least for a time, it may get worse.                                                                    


You don’t have to leave your home or your partner to get support...we support lots of women who still live with their partner and are not in refuge.


Did you know: Dundee has the highest rate of domestic abuse per head of population in Scotland?


DWA has been providing support, refuge and information to women and children affected by domestic abuse for over 37 years

Dundee Women’s Aid offers a free, confidential, and non-judgemental service to women, young people and children who have experienced domestic abuse. The abuse may be from a partner, ex-partner or someone they are living with.

We strive to provide an inclusive service and support women from all backgrounds regardless of substance misuse issues, mental/physical health, race/ethnicity, religion, age, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation.


  • § 
  • §  Group work with other women
  • §  Support, whether you choose to stay with or leave your partner
  • §  Information about your rights
  • §  Safety planning
  • §  Support in finding a new home
  • §  Support to young people & children
  • §  Sign posting to other agencies that can help
  • §  A safe, temporary place to stay

Does this concern you; it should! – Sadly, numbers have increased!!!!!!!

59,847 incidents of domestic abuse recorded by the police in 2011-12, compared to 55,698 incidents recorded in 2010-11 - an increase of 7%.

One incident of domestic abuse is reported to the police in this country every minute.

On average 2 women a week are killed by a male partner or former partner.

Up to 750,000 children are known to have witnessed domestic violence in the home, 75% to 90% of children are in the same or next room when abuse happens.

Domestic abuse was found to be the single most recorded reason for women and children becoming homeless.

Would you like to get involved? Are you in a position to help?

Donations are always welcome and enhance our ability to provide an additional element to our service– most especially during the Easter and Christmas festivities. We work really hard towards making our refuges as comfortable and friendly as possible, all of which takes time effort and of course funds!

Domestic abuse is a crime.

If you suspect domestic abuse of any kind – if it is someone you know or work with– consider speaking up. Domestic abuse is everyone’s business.   Keep in mind that expressing concern will let the person know that you care and this may save a life. Keeping Children and Young people safe, is everyone’s business.

Don’t                                                                                  Do

Judge or blame                                                                  Ask if something is wrong

Place conditions on your support                                      Express concerns

Pressure them                                                                 Offer help

Give advice                                                                      Support and respect their decision