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Family Guys

As many of you may know, Family Guys is a Dundee based charity created to help dads and carers. The dads and carers come from a range of family types that includes single parents, agreed contact/access agreements and those either married, co-habiting or in relationships. This type of dad/carer project encourages informal peer learning around parenting, and other topics, in a manner that suits a lot of males as they often appear to learn best by “monkey see, monkey do” approaches that are non-threatening and non-judgemental. Dundee FC and the Supporter’s Society help out, by providing season tickets to allow these parents and careres the chance to bring their kids to Dens and take in a game. Some of those kids have now sent letters to DFCSS, and we thought we would share them with you.

The first comes from Charley Simpson, and is her recollection of Dundee V Hearts.




‘ I really enjoyed the singing when the teams came out, the banging on the seats as we cheered Dundee on, and having a laugh with my friends we meet there, cause I go with my Pops to the Dundee games and its good. We both enjoy it and it was brilliant when we scored and won.’


Next up is simply ‘John’



‘I like watching the football because I get to spend time with my dad and my friends and my cousins. I like the skills Dundee use. I think when I am older I can be good at football. Dundee was winning 3-1 V Hibs’



‘I like football because I watch it on ~TV, and being there is really fun. When I am older I want to be a footballer, so watching their skills makes me better at my own football, and I also like it when Dundee win’


The last report comes from Zoe,



I like going to the football because I like spending time with my dad, my brothers and my friends. I like going to the games especially when we win, like when we beat Hearts 1-0, and Hibs 3-1, And Hibs are top of the league and we beat them.


James Christie, match reporter for dundeefconline, and friend of Family Guys had this to say,

‘I helped set up the link between Dundee FC and Family Guys. It was really just a matter of doing a bit of research then introducing people to each other. Everyone was determined to make it happen.’

‘It's been great to see the reaction from the fathers and kids. The families and the Family Guys workers are all a great bunch – even the Arabs!’

‘I was chatting to one of the dads and he said “I've got four bairns, and I wouldn't be able to take them to Dens without Famliy Guys. Now the bairns are growing up supporting the Dee”.’

‘“And in 20 or 30 years...” I chipped in.

“They'll be taking their bairns” he beamed back.’


Dundee FC Supporters’ Society are happy to help Family guys, and delighted with the feedback from the kids, as Community Director Jacqui Robertson explained, ‘When Duncan forwarded the kids' stories to Jim and I they really made me smile. It's true what they say about out of the mouths of babes. It can take many of us back to the basics of how we idolised players when we were younger and how simple our love of football was. I'd love to show these to Barry and the players as I am sure they would enjoy them too. These kids are the future of our football, some as players or working within football, some as fans. Whatever becomes of them we are delighted to have them at Dens.’