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Society Board Update



On Saturday 2nd Feb, the Society Board met at Dens for their monthly board meeting. Minutes for the previous meeting were approved, and are currently being prepared for upload, and should be available shortly.


Elliot Davie, as Secretary provided a list of all correspondence received, and answers provided, with one question outstanding, although this will hopefully be answered shortly.

The topic of fundraising was brought up, with a proposal for a raffle to be run, with prizes on offer allowing the winners to experience some of the Platinum membership benefits, although this idea may need some fine tuning, and discussions with DFCSCA were proposed.


A working group has been set up to look into communications, and this group reported back that the first meeting had provided a very positive start, as the Society seeks to consolidate on steps already taken in this area. Communication with Society volunteers was seen as an area where improvements could be made, and steps have already been taken to address the situation.  It was also suggested that individuals within the society board would take responsibility for communication with different groups. Communications to be worked on include with DFCSCA, Society members and non member supporters, and Schools and youth groups. The Society Board also intimated an intention to actively engage with supporters on how this can be achieved, and that as with every topic, suggestions for improvement would be welcomed.


A boardroom update was given from the Club Board, where once again it was stated that the manager has full control over the playing side of Dundee FC, with the board doing everything in its power to support his efforts.


Reports were also given by various sub groups, the last seniors meeting was reported to be a very lively affair, with a visit from three of the current squad, the next meeting is scheduled for Tue 26th February, and further details will be published in due course. Penman Lounge sponsorship has been well received, with the Morton game sponsored by Tay Taxis, and  the next game against Ross County sponsored by the Strath Bar. Anyone wishing more details on sponsoring the Penman lounge can email George Harris here