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Society Board Meeting Update

The Society Board met this morning after a very difficult and eventful week.

First and foremost, the board of Dundee FC Supporters' Society would like to thank Barry Smith for all his hard work, bringing the club from the brink of relegation to the third tier of Scottish Football, into the top tier.

The board this morning accepted the resignation of George Harris as Chairman, with the vice-chairman, Dave Forbes, acting in his place.

The decision making process between Club and Society was clarified, and the poor internal communication this week which resulted in some Society directors learning of developments indirectly, discussed fully and frankly. Causes were identified, apologies made, and the ongoing – but clearly to date incomplete – work to improve communications discussed, with processes for the future agreed and put in place.

We recognise the need to re-engage with our members, to regain a level of trust which has been damaged, and to ensure that the structure put in place to give supporters representation and to protect the club from ever again facing the prospect of extinction is retained and strengthened. To that end, we want to re-engage with individual fans and supporters clubs, and will step up efforts to arrange meetings at the earliest opportunity. We have also held productive talks with the Dark Blue Business Trust and will continue dialogue to ensure Dundee fans have the strongest possible representation in their club. We would very much welcome the ideas of all fans, whether members or not, on how to achieve this.