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Penman Lounge Update

On Sunday, the Penman lounge was once again available for use, and was once again a busy spot pre match.  George Harris was not only host for the lounge, with Tay Taxis sponsoring the lounge, he was obviously on double duty. George invited two guests to spend the day with him, Gary and Wendy Knight.


Gary will be well known to many, being the Treasurer of DFCSCA, and a regular before away games in the Clep Bar, as organiser of the Big Rabbie D supporters club bus. Wendy not only puts up with this but is also a regular on the bus. George explained why the Knights had been invited as his guests, ‘Gary does a lot of work for his supporters club, and also DFCSCA. As treasurer, Gary has shown real commitment to all things DFC, and his bus to away games is regularly oversubscribed. Wendy not only supports Gary, but takes an active role, helping out with organising the bus. I invited them today as a way of a personal thank you to both of them for everything they do, especially for DFCSCA.’


George was keen also to highlight the work done by Kevin and Nicole, the staff who manned the Penman Lounge last weekend. ‘Kevin and Nicole come in here and do a sterling job. The bar is generally quite busy, but they  deal with everyone efficiently and always have a friendly smile for everyone. I would like to personally and publicly thank them for everything they do on a match day to make the experience of a Penman Lounge visit an enjoyable one for everyone.’


Also in the Penman pre match was Jacqui Robertson, who arrived to meet her apprentice for the day, Nicole Miller. Jacqui introduced Nicole to George, and he was certainly impressed. ‘Nicole turned up today to shadow Jacqui, and that was as a thank you not only to Nicole, but her granddad Neil Ellis. Neil was one of our first guests under the Community Initiative, and since then has become a regular at Dens once again, and, with colleagues from Boomerang, form part of our volunteer team. Nicole may only be eleven, but she is such a keen and knowledgeable supporter, and was a delight to meet. I know Jacqui was happy to have an ‘apprentice’ for the day, and hope Nicole enjoyed the experience.’