About Us

The DFCSS aims to be a thriving, sustainable, membership organisation, providing positive experiences using sport and football in particular to help its members and people throughout Tayside improve their lives.


Dundee FC Supporters Society Limited was registered by the Financial Services Authority on the 27th February 2004 (Reg. 2639 RS). The Society came about as a result of the incredible fundraising efforts of the Dee4Life campaign to save the Club from liquidation during season 2003/04.

The Society played a pivotal role in harnessing support to again save the Club from liquidation in season 2010/11. Having set a fundraising target of £250,000 the money raised by supporters exceeded this figure, as a result, the Club survived and the Society took control of a majority shareholding.

In July 2013 the Society members voted in favour of the Club being authorised to issue sufficient new shares to grant controlling interest to FPS.

The role of the Society has changed over the past few years.

It is now widely recognised that sport in general and football, in particular, can be a force for good that can produce numerous social benefits, improving self-esteem, inspiring children and young people, promoting wellbeing and healthy lifestyles and contributing to social inclusion.

Over the last few years the nature and scope of activity carried out by the Society has tended to focus more on social events that are intended to contribute positively to the lives of the Society’s members, other supporters and the wider community.

Based on the Dundee Football Club's 'Shareholding Statement' submitted to Companies House on the 13th February 2017; DFCSS holds 17.0% ‘Ordinary’ shares and 10.4% ‘A Ordinary’ shares which amount to a total shareholding of 27.4%, making the Society the largest shareholder in Dundee Football Club after FPS with their 57% shareholding at the time of submission.

Finally, the Society is a democratic and representative voice of the supporters of DFC. Every member of the society over the age of 15 holds one voting share in the Society and any member over the age of 17 can be appointed to the Society Board.